What does your remailer service do?

Our remailer Service uses snail mail to remail an item that you sent to us by snail mail.  The remailed item will have the postmark of our location, which is Harrison, OH, near Cincinnati, OH.  This postmark will help hide your identity, making the mail anonymous, or if you are a business, the postmark will appear to indicate that your business has an office in the greater Cincinnati area that is sending out mail.

How do you get my letter or item?

You produce a letter, put it in an envelope, address it, and apply proper postage.  This ready-to-mail letter and our remailer's fee(s) are placed in a larger envelope and mailed to us to be remailed. We open the outer envelope, keep the fee and remail your letter.

When are items sent?

Usually, items are remailed the day they are received  On rare occasions, we remail the next day.

Who uses a remailing service?

Here are a few examples where individuals use remailing:
  • Anyone wanting to send an anonymous letter.
  • Secret admirers
  • Lovers
  • Somebody showing appreciation
  • One who is voicing a complaint
  • A person collecting postmarks
  • People who like to play practical jokes
  • Individuals wanting to hide their true location
  • Individuals wanting to show that they were in a particular location

Businesses may want certain mailings to have a local postmark.  Politicians and celebrities may use the service to hide their location when vacationing.

Do you protect my privacy?  Is this really anonymous?

Yes!  Midwest Remailer simply removes your item(s) and the fee from the larger envelope, discards or shreds the outer packaging and places your item(s) in the mail.  No records are kept, and any instructions are discarded.  We do not track or record anything.

If the person receiving the item knows your handwriting, writing style, favorite words, interests, or lifestyle, then that person may be able to identify you.  Your identity will not be revealed by Midwest Remailer.

Are there any restrictions on the content of my letters?

Being anonymous does not give you the right to threaten or harass anyone.  This service is not to be used for any illegal activities.  If authorities seek information by proper means, Midwest Remailer may have to cooperate.   Midwest will not knowingly help you break the law; don't ask us to do anything against the law.  Enjoy this service, but obey the law

Are there any guarantees or warranties?

No!  Every effort will be made to remail your item(s) if you have follow all directions.  It is very unlikely that there will be any problems, especially with our performance. Midwest Remailer cannot be responsible for mail that is not received by us or mail that is lost after it is remailed.  If you do not include proper postage, the post office may reject your mail initially or send it to the undeliverable mail unit at some step in the mailing process.  If you do not send  the proper fee, then your item(s) will not be remailed.  Email us if you have any problems.  We want you to be 100% satisfied.

Where is Midwest Remailer located?

Midwest Remailer is located in Harrison, OH, which is in the greater Cincinnati area.  Items remailed will have the 45XXX postmark.  The last two or three digits may vary or may not be on the postmark. Other ZIP Codes will be added in the future.  Postmark collectors should email us for other arrangements.