All items you send will be remailed using snail mail. You may also request that a letter be hand addressed (fee).

Delivery Area
Any item over 1 oz must be to a USA address.  Items to be mailed cannot require us to accept liability or responsibility.  Items to foreign countries must be under 1 oz to avoid problems with customs.  Email us for special arrangements where items to a non-U.S. address will be over 1 oz.
Items for remailing must be ready-to-mail, except the address may be omitted if you are having us hand address it for you (fee).  This means that no forms or other details need to be done by us, and all necessary postage is applied. Please follow our guidelines so that we can remail your item(s).  Email us with special requests.

You may send letters, greeting cards, postcards, larger envelopes, and packages up to 5 pounds.  Make sure packages are properly wrapped, and the contents are protected from damages.  You should mail heavier/thicker packages  to us with the help of a postal clerk; otherwise these packages raise suspicion. Midwest Remailer may be asked generic questions about the contents of items that are not letters.  Please include generic information on contents and type of mailing.

Packages and letters over 1 oz can only be mailed in the USA. Email us if you wish to send parcels over 1 oz to a foreign country.   In many situations, we can help.

Examples;  Books, sent book rate; Small unbreakable gifts, sent first class;  Clothing, sent by ground rate.


Each item to be remailed must have proper postage.  If in doubt, check with the post office or their website.  Keep postal rate changes in mind when applying postage. We do not usually check postage; we simply mail the item.  On larger items, a postal clerk may be involved, and the clerk may check the postage.  If there is not enough postage, the package cannot be mailed.

Return Address
Do not use our P O Box as a return address.  Omit or be creative.  You have the internet at your disposal.

Hand Addressed/Stamped
Items will be hand addressed at your request for a fee.  Enclosed clearly printed or typed instructions and add the appropriate fee.  We will apply postage for a feeEmail for details.

All fees are in U.S. dollars. Click on the fee tab at the top of the page for details.  Fees are based on costs to drive to and from post office and if there is a need to wait in line for a postal clerk.


All payments in cash.  U.S. dollars only.  No checks, no money orders. Cash only!

Mailing Midwest Remailer

Use a larger envelope or box to enclose your item(s) to be remailed.  For example, a number 10 envelope, the regular business size, will fit into a number 12 envelope. Enclose payment for all services in cash.  Include any necessary instructions, especially for packages.  Instructions should be clearly printed or typed.  You should give larger and/or heavier parcels to a postal clerk; otherwise your parcel may arouse suspicion and be opened at the postal service in your mailing area.

Mail to:
               (New address / P O Box)

P O BOX 220